Top Deck Top Loader Binder Review After 3 Months

Top Deck Top Loader Binder Review After 3 Months

I’m always testing new products for storing and displaying my card collection. When I saw that Top Deck now makes binders for top loaders, I knew I had to buy one. This post isn’t sponsored, nor have I ever been in contact with Top Deck, I purchased this product for my own personal use and after 3 months I want to give it an honest review. 

First Impression

This binder is nice, to say the least. It has a premium feel that starts with the packaging. It comes in a sealed foil packet, very similar to a booster pack’s foil packet. This is such a neat little detail that I really appreciate. Although the opening experience was cool, the real purpose of the package is to keep the binder air-tight and provide a dust-free environment and moisture barrier.

Top Deck Top Loader Binder

The first thing you’ll notice is that this Top Deck binder is big. This is an absolute unit of a card storage device that weighs over 2 lbs without any cards in it. Of course, this is just the nature of the beast since it is designed for top loaders, which are quite large themselves when compared to raw cards. 

After filling the binder up with some cards, it’s hard to put down. Flipping through these heavy pages, you have such a special premium feel in your hands. I feel like I’m going through the world’s most expensive cards, even though these are just humble cards from my own collection.

Pros and Cons



Overall premium build quality

Very expensive

Water-resistant material

Much larger than a normal binder, 2+lbs

Offers high-level protection

Only holds 216 cards

Fits almost all sizes of cards

Inside of cover isn’t anti-scratch

Pockets are side-loading

Top loaders sold separately (you’ll need 200)

It has a zipper for added protection



Top Deck Top Loader Binder

The Top Deck binder has a sleek black design. The material on the outside is faux leather, and it feels soft to the touch. Of course, faux leather is water resistant, meaning any water will simply bead off. However, the fabric lining between the covers is not. The binder isn’t waterproof, but you’ll be safe from a small splash or sweaty hands.

As of now the binder only comes in black, but looks great. The stitching gives it a premium feel and quality look. I quite like the overall exterior design. It looks mature and worthy of expensive cards

The logo in the center of the cover is subtle. It’s a very simple embossed ‘TD’. And the logo reflects the overall aesthetic of the binder- clean and subtle. This is something that could sit out on the coffee table and not look out of place.

Top Deck Top Loader Binder logo

Personally, I like my binders to have a sophisticated look. All of my binders are black and when stored on a bookshelf they have a nice library-like look to them.  


Inspecting the interior of the binder for the first time was quite fun. I’m sorry to repeat myself again but it really does have a premium feel.

Top Deck Top Loader Binder

The 9-pocket pages are almost perfectly fitted and centered, and the stitching is perfectly straight. The zipper feels pretty standard, and upon opening and closing it a few times it gives no indication of wanting to snag.

Upon holding the binder vertically, the pages will droop if they are full. This is because 18 full top loaders can be pretty heavy. That being said, the binding is tight and there isn’t any worry that the pages will tear or come loose.

I was disappointed to find that the inside of the cover was only fabric. I’ve purchased other premium binders at half the cost of the Top Deck that had a soft felt material on the inside (such as my PAKESI binder review). Not only does this leave a very nice impression on the customer but it will never scratch the plastic pockets of your front page. At this price point, the Top Deck Top Loader binder should have this.

Top Deck Top Loader Binder


I’m going to be honest straight out of the gate here- the binder costs too much.

In fact, this might be the most expensive binder on the market. Customers are expected to pay a premium for a niche product and that’s what this is, but there is very little competition. 

In a market where there are few competitors and few alternatives for customers, it makes sense for a company to raise its price. I’m almost sure that is what’s happening here. 

However, is the binder worth it? Yes, it is. The binder is currently priced at $70 USD ($115 CAD) which is about as much as I’m willing to fork out for a binder. But you will receive the best protection for your cards available on the market, and that to me is priceless.

Top Deck Top Loader Binder

Something to consider though is that this binder only holds a total of 216 cards. At $70, that’s $0.32 per pocket when the competitor top loader binders are in the $0.20-0.25 range. Furthermore, if you choose to purchase a standard-size binder, you’re looking at about $0.04-0.08 per pocket.


I recommend this binder. 

There is nothing like taking this gigantic, heavy, chonky binder off the shelf and flipping through your top-loaded cards. It’s truly a new and highly satisfying experience. If you’re like me and you love to nerd out on your collection, this is a must-buy.

As I stated, the price is high, but I do believe it’s the best option on the limited market right now. This isn’t something you can find at Target- this is a niche product for weirdos like you and me. 

I do have one word of warning for you if you choose to buy one though. Be prepared to buy more, because it will be difficult to go back to a regular binder!