PAKESI 12 Pocket Binder Review

PAKESI 12 Pocket Binder Review

I recently came across the PAKESI 12 pocket card binder on Amazon and saw good reviews so I bought it. After using it for 6 months, I’ve come to a conclusion and decided it’s time for a proper review.

PAKESI Binder Overview

card binder
My PAKESI binder

Why Did I Buy it?

Well, I decided that my complete 102/102 Pokémon Base Set deserved a more luxurious binder. The PAKESI binder has good reviews and presented itself as a high-end option. It’s also a 12-pocket binder, which I prefer.

PAKESI isn’t a no-name brand, but it doesn’t have the reputation that VaultX or Ultimate Guard has. Maybe I’m just rooting for the underdog, but I felt as though I should give it an honest chance.

I’m glad I did, go have a look for yourself 


Initial Impression

As I said, I was looking for a luxury binder to store my valuable 1999 cards in, and I was impressed when I first opened the binder. Not to spoil the review but… I love it. 

The hardcover and zipper immediately exhibit protection. These cards are an investment and should be protected at all costs. The pages are nice and show no signs of poor craftsmanship. 


A great binder must offer great protection while offering an easy insertion/removal of cards. The PAKESI does this.

The binder covers are hard and not easily bent while also offering some waterproof protection. The zipper seals off the fear of any dust making its way between the pages, and the pockets are tight enough to keep dust out as well.

With 20 pages, the binder has a capacity of 480 cards- enough to hold a complete Pokémon Base Set 4.7 times.



The exterior of the binder is stitched PU leather, which happens to have hydrophobic qualities. Yes, it is even waterproof in a sense. The diamond pattern gives the leather a nice textured feel. The binder is also available in 7 different colors.

The zipper isn’t really anything special, to be honest. I don’t know what to look for in a zipper other than performance, and over the past 6 months, I’ve zipped and unzipped this binder countless times with no issues at all. 

As I write this review I’m looking closely at the stitching of the zipper teeth and I cannot see any signs of wear or tear. It’s not loud or rough either- it’s a nice smooth, um, zip.

pakesi binder

Overall, the exterior feels solid. The cover cannot be easily bent and most scuffs and scratches have simply been wiped off.


The inside of the cover is lined with a soft suede-like microfibre material, and this might be the best feature of the whole binder. Yes, it feels nice, but it also offers a function that many binders lack.

The first and last pages of the binder are prone to rubbing against the inside of the cover. All of my binders do this, and it just happens over time. When a binder doesn’t have a soft inside such as the PAKESI, then the clear plastic pages become scratched and dull. This really is a great selling point for the PAKESI, as the first page will always remain crystal clear. 


Speaking of the pages, they are the black stitched side-loaded pages that everyone speaks so highly of. The quality is apparent, as all of the stitched edges are straight and run parallel to each other. 

There is no indication that the pages will come loose or fall apart in any way.


A good binder must offer great protection, with no exceptions.

As I mentioned earlier, the cover of the binder is waterproof leather. Of course, this will not protect your cards if the binder is fully submerged under water, but it does offer some protection from H2O.

A light splash of water will not absorb into the binder cover but will bead and fall off. This is a really cool feature for a card binder to have and offers just a little extra protection.

The benefit to side-loaded pockets is that they hold cards better. Even if the binder is held upside down, the cards will not fall out. The pockets are also tight, but not too tight. Pockets that are too tight will result in the user struggling to insert and remove cards, leaving them prone to damage. Luckily, the PAKESI does not have this issue.

thumbnail Image 2022 08 05T223401.994
A close-up of the stitching


The PAKESI binder is actually priced highly, when compared to binders of similar build and function, at $29.99 USD.

Similar card binders can be found priced between $14.99 and $26.99. That being said, the PAKESI isn’t that much more expensive and remains affordable for the average collector. 

However, a higher price does call for higher quality, which isn’t apparent here. The PAKESI is of high quality, with nice materials and construction, but doesn’t soar above the competition. 

Do I Recommend it?

Yes, I do. 

thumbnail Image 2022 08 05T223522.963

Overall, I’m impressed with this binder and have actually ordered a second one. The price is steep though. As a Canadian, the binder costs $39.99, which is asking a lot when a VaultX binder of a similar size is only $29.99. 

The quality of the binder I received is fantastic. However, when reading through the Amazon reviews I did notice quite a few poor reviews due to bad quality. Some customers have reported loose pages and even stitching coming loose. 

My final thought on the PAKESI 12 pocket binder is that it is a good purchase. Some cheap binders are made for cheap cards, but the PAKESI I trust with my most precious cards.

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.