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Oliver Copeland

Hey, I'm Oliver. I've been collecting Pokémon cards for over 20 years, and I think it's a lot of fun. I created SleeveNoCardBehind.com to share the knowledge I've acquired along the way.

I received my first Pokémon card in 1999. It was a Weedle, exciting right? It was my first year at a public school with other children and Pokémon cards were already the most important thing on the playground. 

Unfortunately, my family didn’t have the money to purchase me and my brother booster packs, so we learned to trade the common cards up until we had better cards. Sometimes we won cards from playground games or battles. 

Earning Pokémon cards this way somehow made them so much more valuable. I eventually got “too old” for Pokémon around 5th grade, and I quit collecting. My friends and I were more focused on video games, sports, and of course, girls. However, I never let go of my collection. 

Eventually, I was old enough to apply for a job and make some real money. Then one day I realized I could, for the first time, open a fresh booster pack.  

Today my collection is large enough to have its own room in my house, and I love it, but something was still missing. I wanted to share my collection and all of the interesting tidbits I’ve picked up along the way.

Sleeve No Card Behind is my Pokémon child that I’ve created to help new collectors. There are too many fake cards, scalpers, and scammers exploiting newbies, parents, and everyone else. Hopefully, my knowledge and writing can help others as they enter the world of Pokémon cards.