Every Size of Pokémon Card, and Where They Came From

Every Size of Pokémon Card, and Where They Came From

Pokémon cards come in all shapes and… sizes? That’s right. In addition to the standard playing card size, there are a few other card dimensions that you may not know about, such as the oversized box topper cards from the early 2000s. Below is a complete guide to all of the odd sizes you can find a Pokémon card in, where you can observe exact measurements.

Standard Size

2.5 X 3.5 Inches

63 X 88 mm

This is just a regular ol’ Pokémon card.

The size of a Pokémon card is 2.5 X 3.5 inches. This is the standard size for playing cards, like the ones that you use to play Poker, for example. 

The dimensions of a Pokémon card have not changed at all, since 1996. 

For this kind of card, you’ll want either standard sleeves (2.5/8 “ X 3.5/8”) or slim fit sleeves (2.5” X 3.5”), but either is fine and will protect your card appropriately. 

Oversized (Box Toppers)

5 X 3.5 Inches

126.5 X 90 mm

A box topper is a promo card that is included for free with the purchase of a product such as booster boxes

Pokémon box toppers were first implemented with the release of the Legendary Collection set in 2002 and were included with the purchase of a booster box. These cards were larger than a regular Pokémon card and were reverse-holo variants of specific cards within the set.

Oversized cards measure 5 X 3.54 in or 126.5 x 90.0 mm.

Unfortunately, Pokémon box topper cards returned to regular size with EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua, in 2004, and were discontinued altogether after EX Holon Phantoms in 2006.

If you own any oversized Pokémon cards, it is important to keep them protected. Luckily there are sleeves and top loaders made special for oversized cards. Check them out on Amazon.  

Oversized Jumbo (2000-2020) 

6 X 8 Inches

145 X 200 mm

The first ever jumbo card was a Pikachu, released in 2000. The original jumbo cards measure 5.70 X 7.87 in or 145 X 200 mm.

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Oversized Jumbo (2020-Present)

5 X 7 Inches

136.5 X 187.3 mm

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With the new Sword & Shield era of Pokémon cards, jumbo cards had been reduced to a slightly smaller form factor beginning with Meowth VMAX, available in the Meowth VMAX Special Collection.

These new jumbo cards measure 5.37 X 7.37 in or 136.5 X 187.3 mm.

Carddass Cards

2 X 3 Inches 

Bandai Carddass released a set of Pokémon trading cards in 1996, one month before the Pokémon Trading Card Game was released. These cards are very cool, for they are completely different than the official TCG cards, and all of the artwork was done by Ken Sugimori. 

Carddass cards are slightly smaller than Pokémon TCG cards, in both length and width. 

A Carddass card measures 2.31 X 3.37 in or 58.7 X 85.7 mm.

Topsun and TOPPS Sizes

2 X 3 Inches 

58.7 X 85.7 mm

thumbnail Image 2022 05 19T175727.031
a TOPSUN card

Topsun cards were yet another set of unique trading cards released in Japan in 1997. Topsun cards measure the exact same as Carddass cards, at 2.31 X 3.37 in or 58.7 X 85.7 mm.

Topsun later changed its name to TOPPS, and entered the North American market. This is when they began to produce more Pokémon cards, but with a new updated look. TOPPS cards measure the same as standard playing cards, at 2.5 X 3.5 inches.

Final Thoughts 

Yes, Pokémon cards come in many different form factors. If you have any oddly sized Pokémon cards, be sure to put them in a sleeve because they could be valuable, such as box topper cards!