What are Radiant Pokémon Cards?

The Pokémon TCG evolves and expands almost on a weekly basis. In recent years we’ve been introduced to VMAX, VSTAR, GX, Rainbow, Alt arts, and many more. Now, there is hype surrounding the release of Radiant Pokémon cards. What are radiant Pokémon cards? Let’s jump into it.

Radiant Pokémon cards are the latest version of Shiny Pokémon cards. Radiant cards feature only shiny Pokémon and also a unique holo design exclusive to Radiant cards.

Radiant Pokémon cards are shinies

A shiny Pokémon is a variant of any Pokémon but with a color palette swap. For example, the purple underbelly of Mewtwo is green if the Mewtwo is shiny. Shiny Pokémon are extremely rare in the video game series and also rare in the TCG. 

Presently, Radiant Pokémon cards are all the hype, as they feature shiny Pokémon. The first expansion to introduce Radiant cards in English was Sword & Shield- Astral Radiance. The Radiant cards feature a unique diagonal cross-hatched holo pattern and also have a special rarity symbol (K) to indicate the card as Radiant. The ‘K’ stands for the Japanese word ‘Kagayaku’, which translates to ‘Radiant’ or ‘Sparkling’ in English.

Radiant Greninja

These cards also have unique properties that apply to the TCG. Players are limited to only one Radiant card in their deck, and each Radiant card has its own powerful attacks and abilities.

Radiant cards are brand new but on the tail end of the Sword & Shield era. It is not yet known if they will continue into the Scarlet & Violet era later in 2022.

Radiant Hawlucha

Past shiny Pokémon cards

Shining Magikarp and Shining Gyarados were the first shiny Pokémon to be introduced in the Neo Revelation expansion in 2001. These cards looked like regular holos from the set but had the precursor “Shining” before the name. For example, Shining Magikarp. The Neo Destiny expansion came out next and introduced more Shining Pokémon.

The expansion EX Team Rocket Returns introduced ☆ Pokémon. These cards are insanely rare and as a result, sell for a premium today. Of course, ☆ Pokémon are shiny.

Many more shiny Pokémon cards have come and gone over the years. Most recently we saw sets like Hidden Fates or Shining Fates which included a Shiny Vault subset full of shiny Pokémon. As the Pokémon TCG has grown in popularity, shiny Pokémon have become more plentiful and easier to pull.

Which sets contain Radiant cards?

So far, only two English sets have been confirmed to contain Radiant cards: Astral Radiance and the Pokémon GO set. Hopefully, we see Radiant cards stick around for a long time, unlike Amazing Rares, which only included nine cards across two expansions.

Final thoughts

As of the writing of this article (May 6, 2022), we have yet to see any Radiant cards actually released in North America. We are all waiting patiently to see the final result and eagerly hoping for more. The released high-res scans are stunning and are unable to show the detailed holo pattern effectively. By the way, this article will be updated when Radiant cards are released, so check back later!

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.