It’s Not Safe to Buy Pokémon Cards From StockX

It’s Not Safe to Buy Pokémon Cards From StockX

The worst part about buying cards online is the potential to get scammed, or receive fake cards. Unfortunately, even some reputable name brands like sell fake cards. StockX presents itself as a safe, trustworthy site to buy cards from, and even offers an authenticity guarantee. So why is it that everyone says to steer clear of StockX?

This article applies to purchasing sealed modern Pokémon products from StockX. For information on buying graded cards from StockX, click here. 

Buying Pokémon Cards on StockX

StockX built its brand and reputation through sneaker sales. Recently, they have expanded to include electronics, games, and of course, Pokémon cards on their site. 

StockX is a middleman service. This means that people can sign up to sell their products on StockX, and StockX will match the seller with a buyer through their asking/bidding system. StockX claims that all products pass through them to be authenticated before being shipped out to the buyer. All sellers are anonymous. 

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This sounds like a unique system and is probably why they are able to separate themselves from a bigger site like eBay. However, there may be flaws.

Resealed or Fake Pokémon Cards From StockX

StockX sounds promising with all of its guarantees and fancy authenticity stickers, but the truth comes to light when customers receive their orders.

This Reddit thread is full of people who claim to have received resealed booster packs from StockX. Some packs were loose, while others came in booster boxes, collection boxes, or tins. Redditors report receiving packs that have either been opened and glued closed again or, in some cases, the pack being cut open at the bottom and the cards being replaced with commons. 

If you follow through the thread (and similar threads) you’ll learn that in almost every single case where the customer chose to contact StockX, they did not receive a refund and StockX refused to do anything other than offer a 30% discount on the next order.

There is very little evidence that you will receive fake cards upon ordering from StockX, but there is an abundance of reports of tampered products and missing cards. Of course, if you buy graded cards, you can always verify the authenticity on the PSA/BGS websites.

Still Want to Purchase Cards From StockX?

Consider filming the opening of the products you receive or taking photos. In the scenario that the cards are fake, or the booster packs have been resealed, you’ll have evidence to build a strong case. 

On top of video/photo evidence, make sure to locate your invoice (you should have received one in an email) and if possible, provide a small write-up including why you believe the cards are fake or the booster packs have been tampered with. If you have any authentic products or cards on hand, use them in a fake/real comparison photo to add a visual aid for the customer support service.

While StockX claims to have experts on Pokémon cards, the customer support agent you contact may have very little knowledge of cards, so the more information you can provide, the smoother the process will be.

In the scenario that you are scammed, it is important to contact StockX so they can take action against the seller. There are reports of StockX banning sellers from their platform once they are suspected to have sold tampered products.

Many Customers Report Receiving Authentic Pokémon Cards From StockX

Of course, if someone receives fake cards from StockX, they are more likely to post about it online than someone who received real cards and simply moved on with their day.

This can lead to a false impression that StockX only sells fake cards/resealed products. When really, many people have claimed to receive authentic cards and get great pulls, too. 

Final Thoughts 

We would strongly recommend not purchasing Pokémon cards from StockX, as there is a risk of being scammed. Unfortunately, StockX hasn’t been very helpful to customers who have received resealed packs, so there is also a high risk that you will not receive a refund. It’s true that the cards you order may be authentic, but there is still a risk when eBay is just as good and offers a full refund guarantee. For a list of websites and online retailers that have a safe reputation for buying Pokémon cards, click here.