5 Safe Websites to Purchase Pokémon Cards

5 Safe Websites to Purchase Pokémon Cards

The worst part about buying cards online is the potential to get scammed, or receive fake cards. Unfortunately, even some reputable name brands sell fake cards, such as Walmart.com (click here to read more on that). I’ve been purchasing cards online for years and I’ve been burnt multiple times. I’ve put a small list together to save people from the pain, and to provide a safe reliable source for Pokémon cards.

1. eBay


For some reason, eBay has a reputation among some as a sketchy website when really, it is probably the safest website to purchase Pokémon cards second-hand. 

The best part about using eBay to buy cards is the eBay Money Back Guarantee. eBay states that the guarantee applies to virtually everything on the site (yes, cards) and if for some reason you do not receive the item you ordered or as described, they will give you your money back. This is incredibly useful for you (the buyer) and useful for eBay as well, as it ensures a safe place to buy cards.

eBay recently implemented an authenticity guarantee as well. Any Pokémon card (and other trading cards) purchased at $250+ will be sent from the seller to an authentication facility to be authenticated. 

The announcement of this program marked a huge shift in the trading card market, as the risk of being scammed was always at the back of the buyer’s mind. Now, eBay guarantees you will receive an authentic card or your money back.

2. Collector’s Cache


Having been in business for over 30 years, Collector’s Cache has been a reliable and trustworthy online retailer for Pokémon cards. They do have a physical location in Lenexa Kansas but have been operating online for over 25 years. 

Collector’s Cache is not middle man service, and this is kind of a breath of fresh air in the modern Pokémon era. Within the community, CC has a great reputation, as many collectors choose to use CC over big marketplaces such as eBay. 

CC also guarantees all of its products to be 100% authentic. They also offer tracked shipping and have a very reasonable return policy.

3. CCG Castle


CCG Castle is a hidden gem within the trading card game industry, as they are known to be a reliable and trustworthy source for buying Pokémon cards online.  

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit CCG Castle is that their prices are very reasonable. In addition to this, they update their prices and stock on a daily basis, making it easy to snag cards at the right price, and on time. 

They also offer a great rewards program, issuing 2% store credit for every purchase. CCG Castle also offers pre-orders on new Pokémon products, so you’ll get your cards ASAP upon release.

4. TCGPlayer


TCG Player is well known in the Pokémon card industry, probably second only to eBay when it comes to second-hand card sales. They are, however, a middle man service. 

Being a middle man service means that the cards you order often do not pass through TCG Player, but go straight from the seller to you, the buyer. This means quick shipping but raises two concerns. 

First, TCG Player does not require images to be uploaded with listings. This means that you are not able to closely inspect the card beforehand. If the seller lists their card as LP, all you can do is trust that the card is, in fact, LP. 

The other concern is receiving fake cards. This isn’t common on TCG Player, but it does happen. Many Redditors have reported receiving fake cards, but have also stated that TCG Player promptly issues a full refund. 

TCG Player does excel when it comes to card selection. They have almost every Pokémon card in their database and many with current listings. It’s easy to purchase a handful of cards from them when they organize and simplify the buying process as they do. 

5. Troll and Toad


Troll and Toad has been serving the industry for over 25 years and is one of the OG’s of the online trading card world. 

They aren’t that much different from eBay or TCG Player, but they do have “Troll Cash”- their store credit system that has no limitations as to which products you can use it on. 

The credit system is a huge benefit when you consider that Troll and Toad is one of the largest online buyers of trading cards. You can ship your cards to them and they will pay you based on current market prices.

Overall, Troll and Toad is one of the most trusted trading card sellers online today and one of the most reliable resources for Pokémon cards anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Buying Pokémon cards online can be stressful. I put together the list to help individuals who are wary of getting scammed. While some websites may have been left out, I tried hard to make a list of sites that are both reliable and willing to issue a refund if things go awry. Even the most trusted sites can’t 100% guarantee that you won’t receive a fake- it happens. What is important is that you are treated accordingly in case you find yourself in this uncommon but real scenario.