Are Fortnite Cards Worth Anything? You’ll be Surprised

Are Fortnite Cards Worth Anything? You’ll be Surprised

Many trading cards hold a lot of value, such as a 1st edition Charizard from Pokémon, or various rookie sports cards. What about Fortnite cards? There may be valuable cards, but is there a Charizard of Fortnite?

How Much are They Worth?

There are currently 3 Series of Fortnite cards, and each has a different value. Series 3 is the least valuable since it is still in print, any Series 3 products sell for about retail price. Series 2 is slowly increasing in value as they are harder to find, and Series 1 has increased by quite a bit.  

A Series 1 blaster box originally sold for $20-$25, but is now going for $70-$90 on Amazon.

The Most Expensive Fortnite Card is…

Black Knight #252 (Series 1)

Black Knight

This card comes in a variety of holo patterns such as cracked ice, or crystal shard. Any holo pattern is valuable with this particular card.

Recently this card sold for $1,900 USD on eBay.

However, it may be difficult to get your hands on a Series 1 card, since they are hard to find and are now out of print.

The most expensive card from Series 3 is…

Midas #218 (Cracked Ice Holo)

s l1600

This card is a tough pull from a Series 3 booster pack, but if you’re lucky enough, it can sell for around $500 on eBay.

Should you Invest in Fortnite Cards?

Fortnite cards are still relatively new, and there is an investment opportunity here. 1st edition Base Set Pokémon cards didn’t blow up until 25-20 years after their release, however, this jump-started the idea of investing in a lot of other collectible cards. 

Series 1 Fortnite cards have already begun to increase in value. Most notably, the booster boxes and blaster boxes. No doubt Series 2 will soon increase in price, and one day Series 3, too.

Is it worth investing in? I would say yes, as long as it is a low-risk investment. I’m not sure if purchasing $1,000 worth of Fortnite cards is a good idea, but buying a booster box or two to tuck away for a while could prove to be profitable. 

Final Thoughts on Value 

Fortnite cards are still young, and the market is still trying to figure out what exactly to do with them. Fornite has established itself as an insanely popular video game, so the cards have a decent support network and a huge fanbase to rely on. 

From a personal standpoint, I’ve purchased some Fornite cards (mostly to educate myself) and I keep them in sleeves and top loaders, put away in an airtight container, just like all my cards. It didn’t cost very much and if they blow up in value one day, well, at least I have some.