7 Best Charizard Cards to Invest (Updated For 2023)

7 Best Charizard Cards to Invest (Updated For 2023)

It’s easy to lose money when buying Pokémon cards, especially if you’re opening packs. But you can make money buying cards if you’re smart about it. Today we’re talking investing, specifically in Charizard cards. If you can select the right cards and buy them at the right price, you can make some serious gains over the years and potentially sell at a huge profit.

7 Best Charizard Cards to Invest (Updated For 2023)

#1 Charizard EX XY121


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Image: Pokémon.com

This Charizard was actually a full art version of the Charizard EX from the Flashfire expansion. However, this full art version features amazing artwork from Kouki Saitou, and just looks so, so, good. 

This special artwork features two more Pokémon in the background- Flareon and Magmar.

Since this was a Black Star promo, it is still affordable, but will definitely go up in price over time. The only way to get this card was by purchasing the Charizard-EX Red & Blue Collection from 2016.

#2 Charizard δ (4/100)


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EX14 EN 4
Image: Pokémon.com

As part of the Delta Species era, this Charizard is highly sought-after as it is both metal and electric type. This makes for one of the most unique Charizards in the TCG and is an awesome collection piece. 

There is also a reverse-holo variant with the Crystal Guardians stamp on it, which would also be a great piece for any collection.

#3 Charizard (19/113)


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BW11 EN 19
Image: Pokémon.com

When someone mentions Charizard cards to invest in, this one comes to mind. 

It’s not particularly jaw-dropping or rare, but it is unique. The card features a more stylistic artwork, casting the fire lizard in a dynamic pose. This Charizard artwork comes off more hardcore and veers the opposite of the cartoony look he usually has. 

This card flew under the radar, and not many people are scrambling to purchase it right now. This could be a great investment in the long term, as a cool card like this is almost sure to increase in value. By the way, this one is from the Legendary Treasures expansion.

#4 Charizard V (154/172)


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SWSH9 EN 154
Image: Pokémon.com

The most recent entry on this list is the Charizard V from Brilliant Stars

I wouldn’t usually recommend picking a card up while it’s still so fresh off the release, but man, this card is something else. This is some extra special artwork, featuring the OG Charizard and Venusaur duking it out. 

This card isn’t going to dip in value very much. Brilliant Stars has come and gone, and while supply will continue to increase at a slow rate, demand will outpace it in the long run. There has been no other Charizard card quite like this one.

#5 Charizard (4/102) (Celebrations)


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Image: Pokémon.com

In 2021 the Celebrations special set was released. This set marked the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon TCG, and the chase card of the set was a reprint of the Base Set Charizard. 

Now, we’ve seen Base Set ‘zard reprints before, such as the Evolutions Charizard which has seen huge gains in value. So for this reason, picking up one of these Celebrations reprints is probably a good idea.

#6 Charizard (4/102)

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thumbnail IMG 6409

The OG Base Set Charizard made this list because it has and always will be a good investment in the world of Pokémon card collecting. 

Vintage cards are a safe purchase because they are slowly decreasing in supply, while always increasing in demand. There are times when the value may drop a bit, due to world events or current hype, but value will always increase over the long term, and this card is just simply the card to have. 

#7 Charizard 1st Edition (4/102)

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Ok, I know what you’re thinking. But hear me out.

Yes, this is a 5 (sometimes 6) figure card, however, it is still a good investment. All of my points from the previous entry still stand. But now we can talk about grading. If you can, for whatever reason, get a hold of this card raw, the value can skyrocket if you get it graded. You’re looking at a 100%+ increase in value.

Personally, if I had the chance to purchase a copy raw, I would. This is the card, the holy grail. The value will always increase, it will always be in demand, and it will always be really, really, cool.