What is the Pikachu World Collection?

What is the Pikachu World Collection?

In modern times, we rarely go two weeks without a new Pokémon product hitting the shelves in some form of a collection box or special tin. Back in the day, Pokémon products were a little more spread out in terms of release timing and sometimes products were so exclusive that they are widely unknown today. One of these products I’m referring to is the Pikachu World Collection. Well, there are two different collections actually!

The Pikachu World Collection is a 9-card set featuring only Pikachu cards, printed in 9 different languages. The first Pikachu World Collection was released in 2000 and featured popular Pikachu reprints from past sets. The second was released in 2010 and featured 9 unique Pikachu cards, again, in 9 different languages.

Pikachu World Collection release

The first Pikachu World Collection was released in September 2000, to accompany the Sydney 2000 Summer Olympics. The Olympics bring multiple nationalities together, so the Pikachu World Collection did the same by printing 9 Pikachu cards in 9 different languages.

The Pikachu World Collection is often referred to as a special collection binder but it is important to note that the product itself isn’t really a binder, but a single 9-pocket page.

The cards themselves were reprints of past Pikachu cards including Base Set Pikachu, Jungle Pikachu, and 7 Black Star Promo Pikachus. The differences are that the World Collection reprints have a gold foil stamp in the shape of a Pikachu tail outside the lower-left corner of the illustration box. And of course, the different languages, too. 

The collection binder was only available for purchase for about a month, in Sydney Australia, on the dates that ran alongside the 2000 Summer Olympics. Because of this, it is a rare and expensive collection to purchase today.

In 2010, a second Pikachu World Collection was released alongside the Japanese set Clash at the Summit and was only available at select Pokécenters. This time the 9 Pikachu cards were not reprints, but unique. 

The 2010 Pikachu World Collection still sealed

Each card was in a different language and had its own artwork to go with the nationality. For example, you can see the Grand Canyon in the background of the American Pikachu illustration. These cards were all holofoil and featured gold holo borders as well.

Interestingly, there are two variants of this 2010 Pikachu World Collection, the ‘Blue’ and ‘Green’. The blue variant was the one available in the Pokécenters and the green variant was exclusive to 7-ll stores in Japan only. The cards themselves are identical save for the Japanese Pikachu card which featured a green background if it was from the green collection. Due to the rarity of the 7-ll exclusive set, this Pikachu World Collection is very expensive as a sealed product today.

The ‘Blue’ variant

Pikachu World Collection value

As these sets are highly rare and region-exclusive, they are quite expensive. Furthermore, many collectors have chosen to break the seal and grade each card individually. To purchase any of the three sets graded, you’ll have to have deep pockets. 

The cards often sell individually as well. Recently, the Base Set reprint from the 2000 collection sold for $1000 at a PSA 9, and the Birthday Pikachu reprint sold for $650 at a PSA 10.


Sealed Set

PSA Graded Set

Pikachu World Collection 2000



Pikachu World Collection 2010 (Blue)



Pikachu World Collection 2010 (Green)



*Prices are based on recently sold eBay listings

Final thoughts

The Pikachu World Collection sets are cool, without a doubt. If you see the prices that the sealed set is going for today, it almost seems like it has yet to see a large price increase. Part of Pokémon card collecting includes predicting price jumps, and we think that this may be one of them. 

Since the first two Pikachu World Collections were released ten years apart, it may be time for a third. There is no information on whether or not this could come to fruition, but if it does, the value of the first two sets will likely go up. However, it isn’t always about monetary value. These Pikachu cards are unique and beautiful in their own way. Any collector would be pleased to possess one or both of these collections.

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.