Pokémon Energy Card Price Guide

Pokémon Energy Card Price Guide

We all know that the original Charizard is worth a fortune these days, along with a lot of the first few expansions from 1999 to 2003. Perhaps you’ve dug up your old collection and you’re now wondering, what about energy cards? Surely there are some gems out there, no? Well, you may be in for a surprise actually.

Are energy cards worth anything?

Each expansion comes with energy cards, and sometimes The Pokémon Company switches up the design slightly, just to keep them looking fresh. However, every once in a while, some really cool energy cards are printed. These are typically directed towards the collecting aspect of the TCG and yes, they are valuable.

To see the most expensive energy cards on eBay right now, search something like “Pokémon Rare Energy Card” and see the results.  

The Battle Road energies from 2002
The Battle Road energies from 2002

One example here would be the gold energy cards. Gold cards were introduced back in 2013 and have become one of the most sought-after modern cards today. The gold energy cards are extremely rare and spread out through many expansions. These gold energy cards tend to go for $60-$110 on eBay.

energy card prices
‘Grass Energy’ from Sword and Shield- Fusion Strike

Most energy cards are worth around 1 cent, though. If you purchase an Elite Trainer Box, then you’d receive a sealed pack of 45 energy cards, and unless you actively play the TCG, these are usually tossed into a box or drawer, never to see light again. 

The Most Expensive Energy Card Is…

Difficult to track down, actually. 

We know that the 1st edition Base Set Double Colorless Energy is one of the most expensive energy cards to originate from an expansion set, but there are dozens if not hundreds more energy cards that could be rarer.

Many energy cards come from special promotional events, world championships, special decks, or other products. And there is even crazier cards out there, too. There are even known to be some “super jumbo” energy cards that measure around 30 inches in height. 

For this reason, it would be highly difficult to track down the most expensive energy card ever. But for the time being, the 1st edition Base Set Double Colorless Energy in a PSA 10 is probably the most expensive energy card you’ll find.

There is a Championship Double Colorless Energy from 2016 that often sells for a lot of money, too. There is a staff promo, so it has the word ‘STAFF’ stamped in the top left, but also a ‘CHAMPION’ version as well.

How much are 1999 energy cards worth?

Pokémon cards first hit the North American market in January 1999, so you might be wondering if 20+ year-old energy cards go for a high price. Well, yea, they do.

A fire energy card from Base Set, 1999

During the first few years of the Pokémon TCG, first edition cards were all the hype. For a 1999 energy card to fetch top dollar, it’s going to need that little ‘1st Edition’ stamp. But even then, the card should probably be graded if it’s going to go up for auction on eBay.

Recently sold eBay listings:

Colorless Energy 96/102 1st Edition PSA 10- $250.00

Fire Energy 98/102 1st Edition PSA 10- $165.00

Water Energy 102/102 1st Edition PSA 10- $150.00

Lightning Energy 100/102 1st Edition PSA 10- $140.00

As you can see, the original energy cards can go for about $140-$250 if they are 1st edition and graded a PSA 10. Relatively speaking, that’s a nice chunk of change since most collectors have a lot of energy cards.

Other notable energy cards + prices*

(Click any of the links to head straight over to the eBay listings).

Battle Road Promo Energy Cards full 3/3 set 2002


Team Rocket Returns Reverse R Energy 2004 (PSA 10)


Battle Road Promo Rainbow Energy 2006 (PSA 8)


Dark Energy Gold Card 2015 (PSA 10) 


Battle Road Promo Scramble Energy 2004 (PSA 10)


Colorless Energy 1st Edition 1999 (PSA 10)


McDonald’s Collection [Any type] Energy 2002 (PSA 10)


Fire Energy 1st Edition 1999 PSA 10


Fan Club Promo Cyclone Energy 2004 (PSA10)


Fairy Energy Gold Card 2017 (PSA 10)


*Prices are based on recently sold eBay listing and tcgplayer.com 

A holofoil metal energy

Some Energy Cards Worth Collecting

If you are interested in energy cards, you might be glad to know that there are a bunch of really cool ones out there, for reasonable prices. 


Final thoughts

So maybe you don’t have any of the cool Japanese promo energy cards. Energy cards are still really cool to the right collector and having your own collection would be respectable.

Today, you can chase down the gold energy cards for a (somewhat) affordable price, and then seek bigger fish from there. If you have your childhood collection kicking around, check for those 1st edition energy cards, and hopefully they’re still in good shape!

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