Top 9 Most Expensive Vintage Digimon Cards

Top 9 Most Expensive Vintage Digimon Cards

Some Digimon cards are worth up to five figures today. How did this happen? It’s been almost 24 years since Digimon first hit the school playgrounds, so hopefully, you have some of your old cards still. Pokémon might hog most of the attention, but Digimon cards aren’t far behind in collector’s eyes. 

Here are the top 9 Digimon cards you want to look for in your childhood collection.

9. The Complete 62-Card Starter Set (Series 1)


Ok, so the first entry here isn’t a single card but rather the complete starter set. 

A starter set is exactly what it sounds like: a pre-constructed set of Digimon cards for beginners. This set was released in 1999 and a lot were printed. So these cards aren’t necessarily rare in any way, but on the other hand, there aren’t many complete sets for sale.

There are multiple starter sets so to be clear, the one we’re referencing here is Series 1. This was the first set to ever be released, so that’s why it’s sought-after by collectors.

 You can tell that a card is from the starter set by its card number on the top right. In this case, they will start with ‘ST’. For example, ST-33 (Herculeskabuterimon). 

If you happen to own each of the 62 cards in the set, you could make a quick buck. Currently, you can buy/sell a set on eBay for around $100-$200.

8. Ultimate Digimon

metalgreymon ultimate

The Digimon Animated Series Trading Cards are a set of cards different from the TCG cards. These cards don’t have attacks or any stats, they’re just for collecting and trading. 

The rarest cards from this set are the Ultimate Digimon. The set contains 34 cards but then the Ultimate Digimon are an additional 8 cards and numbered U1 of 34 through U8 of 34.

  • U1- Andromon
  • U2- Monzaemon
  • U3- Etemon
  • U4- SkullGreymon
  • U5- Piximon
  • U6- MetalGreymon
  • U7- WereGururumon
  • U8- MegaKabuterimon

Ultimate Digimon cards also feature a unique holo pattern called a prism holo. 

The pull rate for these Ultimate Digimon is low, and that’s what makes them so rare and valuable. None of them are extremely valuable individually but expect to pay about $50-$80 per card. A full set of all 8 can sell for $500 or more. 

If you have an Ultimate Digimon card that is graded by a company such as PSA, you’ll be able to sell it for up to a 5X increase in value. 

7. MetalGarurumon BGS 9.5


This card was released in the Booster set of Digi-Battle Series 3 set in 2000.

Metal Garurumon is a fan-favorite Digimon, making it a good card to invest in. My favorite Digimon (and Pokémon) are the ones that tend to increase in value over time. This is exactly why Charizard from Pokémon is so expensive. 

A rare card to pull to be sure, but the card in question here also has good grades to boot. A BGS grade of 9.5 is well known to cross grade to a PSA 10. On top of a fine grade, the card also has a gold foil text name, indicating its rarity. 

MetalGarurumon takes spot number seven on the list because of its $2,000 price that is currently listed on eBay.

6. SkullGreymon PSA 9


Even if you’re not a Digimon fan, you have to admit that SkullGreymon is a cool character design. 

This is one of the 8 Ultimate Digimon mentioned earlier, but SkullGreymon really takes the cake when singled out. The featured copy here is a PSA 9 and can be purchased on eBay right now for $999.

However, there are other copies also graded but at 7s and 8s for under $800!

5. Vegiemon PSA 8


Back in 2000, Bandai decided to print some super-prestigious Digimon cards, and these are known as the ‘Gold Stamp’ cards. 

The big gold ‘Digimon’ stamp at the top right gives it away! 

However, it’s not the gold stamp that drives the price of these cards up, it’s that only 100 of each were ever made. Each card will have a serial number in the format of XYZ/100, indicating which of the 100 it is. 

This is extremely cool and common in the collectibles world to market what is essentially a one-of-a-kind item. These special 1-of-100 cards were randomly inserted into booster packs. There is a gold stamp Vegiemon with the serial number 077/100 on eBay right now with an asking price of $8,000 or best offer.

4. Seadramon PSA 9

seadramon psa

Next up we have another ‘of 100’ card. 

This is a Seadramon from the Series 1 set of animated series Digimon cards, with a gold ‘Exclusive’ stamp, a ‘Digimon’ stamp, and a serial number of 059/100.

This ranks higher than the previous entry Vegiemon because it is older and from the very first set of Digimon cards. This Seadramon was released in 1999 and to be one of 100 cards is just phenomenally cool.

This exact card graded in a PSA 9 is on eBay for a whopping $12,000.

3. WarGreymon BGS 9.5

wargreymon bgs

Another fan-favorite Digimon is Greymon, and its digivolution WarGreymon. WarGreymon is a Dragon Digimon and among the coolest of this era’s Digimon. WarGreymon also makes an appearance in all Digimon video games and steals the show when appearing in the anime.

This card is from Series 3 of the Digi-Battle card game, released in 2000. This WarGreymon has an extremely difficult pull rate and is sought-after by Digimon fans. 

As an added bonus, only 4 copies of this card have ever been graded Gem Mint by BGS, making this a very rare card indeed. 

Right now there is a BGS-graded copy of this card on eBay with an asking price of $25,000.

2. Tyrannomon PSA 7

tyrannomon psa

Next up we have one of the collect Digimon cards to ever exist. No, really. 

From Series 2 of the Digimon Animated Series Trading Cards is a gold-stamped Tyrannomon. Of course, only 100 were ever printed, and what makes this card so special is… it’s number 1!

This is one of the most sought-after cards of Series 2 even without the serial number. Why? Because Tyrannomon is a branch of one of the most popular Digimon ever, Agumon. Tyrannomon’s prior forms include Agumon, BlackAgumon, and Chuumon and its next forms is a list of big-hitters such as SkullGreymon, MetalTyrannomon, and more.

This card is on eBay for a listing price of $36,000.

If that’s a little out of budget, you can grab a common copy of this card for around $50.

1. Bonds of Friendship! 

bonds of friendship psa

This card is the very first of Series 2 of the Digimon Animated Series Trading Cards. 

Of course, this is gold-stamped and has serial number 074/100. 

The card itself really is beautiful, even if you’re not a Digimon fan. Anegmon is featured front and center and has some other fan-favorite Digimon surrounding them. The holo pattern is cracked ice, which is always a hit.

This particular copy is authenticated and slabbed but not graded by PSA. The current listing on eBay is up for a whopping $150,000. 

Is this card worth six figures?