Top 10 Most Expensive Gold Pokemon Cards

Top 10 Most Expensive Gold Pokemon Cards

Since gold Pokémon cards are so rare, they tend to be quite expensive. However, some are far more valuable than others. We’ve done extensive research to find the 10 most expensive gold cards available today. 

Gold Pokemon cards are highly collectible and many dedicated Pokemon TCG players have them in their decks. In this list, we’ll be going over the 10 most expensive gold Pokemon cards in the Pokemon TCG, available today. 

10. Path to the Peak $24

Path to the peak

The original Chilling Reign trainer, Path to the Peak is a great card for competitive play. Pokémon with a rule box on both sides of the board have absolutely no abilities when Path to the Peak is active. 

The reason why Path to the Peak is valued this high is that it sees a lot of play due to its usefulness. When a card is used a lot, everyone would want the juicier, more collectible version of it, hence the price tag. 

9. Palkia VSTAR $28

SWSH10 EN 208

Palkia VSTAR can be seen in almost all of the bigger tournaments these days. The card has great playability value and is a great box legendary from the Sword and Shield era. Its Star Portal ability can prove to be extremely useful in uncertain scenarios. 

Overall, Palkia VSTAR is a great collectible and being a box legendary, its value is likely going to increase in the future as well. 

8. Water Energy $31

water energy secret 231

People are sometimes surprised to see the Gold version of Water Energy valued this high. But the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are playing water decks on a competitive level. This makes Gold Water Energy cards highly collectible.

Originally released in the Chilling Reign set, Water energy bolsters your Pokemon with a lot of support. Energy cards fluctuate a lot in value, usually depending upon the type of decks that are commonly being used in competitive play.

You’ll even find this water energy in our Energy Card Price Guide3, as its value is rather high.

7. Arceus VSTAR $32

SWSH9 EN 184

Arceus VSTAR has been very popular among competitive players for quite some time now. It is indeed a popular legendary Pokémon that can easily fit into almost any type of deck. This is in part due to its Trinity Nova ability which gives you an edge over your opponents and doesn’t have any complicated requirements.

It is projected that Arceus VSTAR will remain popular until we see a different art form of this card on an international level. The Gold Rare version is the highest rarity version of Arceus V and is a great investment from a monetary standpoint as well. 

In November 2022, The Pokémon Company released a metal version of this card.

6. Quick Ball $35

Arceus VSTAR

Originally released in the Mysterious Treasures set, Quick Ball has become almost a staple in many Pokémon decks. The card basically searches your deck for a Basic Pokémon and pulls it out onto your hand. 

The card is valued this high because it holds a lot of value among the general player base and is used quite often in competitive tournaments. The Gold version is definitely a good piece to have, especially if you plan for resale in the future. 

5. Mew $40


Mew was released as part of the Celebrations set, which consisted of some of the most popular cards in all of TCG history. Mew belongs to the main Celebrations set (as opposed to the Classic Collection subset) and has seen a lot of appreciation in value over time.

Mew’s Mysterious Tail can at times serve as a lifesaver in very difficult and unexpected situations. The card still remains very present in decks today and is a great collector piece to flex in your local or regional tournaments. 

4. Crushing Hammer $44

Crushing Hammer

Released as part of the Ultra Prism set, a pack filled with highly valuable cards, Crushing Hammer is a fairly difficult card to play against. All you need is to get the right coin flip, and you will be able to discard an energy from your opponent’s Pokémon. 

This trick was used again and again in competitive formats as every other player had multiple crushing hammer cards in their respective deck. Crushing Hammer has been used to wreak a fair amount of havoc on players, you can always invest in it for its flex value too. 

3. Snorlax $76


In the Pokémon TCG, many gold cards fluctuate in value, regularly seeing ups and downs. However, Snorlax is one of the very few cards that doesn’t generally seem to depreciate in value. Even though many of the cards from the Chilling Reign expansion didn’t see a lot of competitive use, Snorlax saw a lot of competitive play when it was first released.

This generation-one appeal of Snorlax still remains and it continues to be one of the most expensive Gold cards in the market today. As time passes, and Chilling Reign packs have stopped printing, Snorlax is expected to grow in value. 

2. Zekrom $95


Released as part of the Legendary Treasures set, Zekrom is a very special Gold card that is quite hard to come across. The card is highly sought-after due to its rare nature and also has a historical value associated with it due to its role in the Black and White era. 

Being a non-rule box Pokémon only adds to its already significant value. Having a Gold Zekrom in your deck is indeed a great flex and adds a lot of value to your gameplay overall. 

1. Ultra Ball $258

Ultra Ball
Ultra Ball

Originally released in the Plasma Freeze expansion of the Black and White Series of the Pokémon TGC, Ultra Ball is a highly rare Gold card that would serve as a massive flex in your deck. The card is almost impossible to find in a Plasma Freeze booster pack and is incredibly valuable to the player market. 

Having an Ultra Ball Gold card in your deck would cement your status as a Pokemon TCG veteran, earning the respect of your peers. As there aren’t many of these left, the card offers great resale value. 

And with that, our list of the top 10 most expensive Gold Pokémon Cards comes to an end. The values of some of these cards change with player preferences and the overall culture in competitive play. Nonetheless, most of these cards have proven to be great investments both in terms of play and value.