This is How Much a Set of LOB is Worth Today

This is How Much a Set of LOB is Worth Today

Legend of Blue-Eyes (LOB) was the first expansion of the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game, and as you can imagine, is highly sought after in the present day. The big hitters like Blue-Eyes White Dragon or Dark Magician are now worth big money if you happen to have held onto them from 2002. However, purchasing an entire set is a different story. 

1st Edition Vs. Unlimited

There are two different versions of the LOB expansion. The first cards that were printed were deemed ‘1st edition’, as they had a 1st Edition text on the lower left corner of the card. 

Dark Magician 1st ed

After the brief 1st edition print run was over, all cards printed henceforth are called ‘unlimited’ and do not have the 1st edition text. 

As you can imagine, 1st edition cards are worth far more than the unlimited cards, simply due to rarity and the desire of collectors. A complete set of LOB is going to be 10X more expensive if it is all 1st edition.

However, most complete sets will be a mix of 1st edition and unlimited. The more 1st edition cards included, the more expensive it will be. 

The biggest factor here is the rare cards such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon. The commons and rares don’t matter as much, but a card like Blue-Eyes will skew the price heavily if it is 1st edition. 

How much is a complete set of LOB worth?

So the answer is: it depends. The more 1st edition cards and better condition will increase the value significantly. 

After looking through recently sold eBay listings for the LOB set, we found a few sold in the $300-$600 range. These were, however, unlimited print.

A 1st edition Blue-Eyes is currently selling in the $2,000 range, ungraded, and $10,000+ when in a PSA 10. Other rare cards like Dark Magician and Exodia are over the $1,000 mark as well. 

This means that a complete LOB 1st edition set is probably going to cost $10,000+. And again, this number is going to fluctuate based on the card’s condition. 

Where to buy a Complete set

According to my research, complete LOB sets aren’t sold very often, relative to something more popular such as the complete Pokémon Base Set. 

eBay is going to be the best place to start your hunt. Even if you can’t find a complete set for sale, you can absolutely find the cards individually, or find a partial set and then buy the remaining cards. 

Heritage Auctions is another good place to check, as they are known to list high-ticket collectibles. Just beware that you will be paying top dollar from this auctioneer.  

If you manage to find a partial set, TCGplayer is another great place to find the individual cards you’re missing. TCGplayer is a trusted trading card market will positive reviews. 

The Best Place to sell a Complete set of Yu Gi Oh Cards

All of the information from the previous section applies here also. 

eBay really is the best place to buy/sell cards. It’s free to list on eBay, but be aware that they do take a small fee when you make a sale. 

Final Thoughts 

Pursuing the daunting task of obtaining the complete Legend of Blue Eyes set is a helluva thing. These cards are expensive nowadays and you’ll be paying a premium for the 1st edition cards. If you just want something special, maybe for a hit of nostalgia, I recommend you purchase yourself an unlimited set, as you’ll save thousands of dollars doing so.

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.