The 9 Most Expensive My Hero Academia Cards

The 9 Most Expensive My Hero Academia Cards

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game is gaining popularity, which will increase the value of the cards on the secondary market. Some cards are valuable due to their playability in the card game, while others sell for big money because of their rarity or uniqueness. Today we’re looking at the most expensive MHACCG cards, and you might be surprised with the results. 

My Hero cards are part of the Universus card game. If you want to know more about My Hero cards, we have a full Beginner’s Guide

The 9 Most Expensive My Hero Academia Cards in 2022

Midnight (Top 8)



Currently, the most expensive MHA card is Midnight, which happens to be a promotional card.

There are two versions of this Midnight card. As a reward for the top 8 competitors in a tournament, Midnight was given out. This card has ‘Top8’ printed right on it and is the more expensive version of the card.

Tcgplayer currently has some copies available for around the $300 mark, but eBay has some good deals too.

This card is also available through Jasco Games’ loyalty point program. Players can earn loyalty points by participating in weekly tournaments or sending in their booster pack wrappers for 1 point each. 

The promotional Midnight card is worth 40 loyalty points. And can be found on tcgplayer for about $30.

One For All: Full Cowling 5% Strike (XSR)



This card features Midorya executing his Full Cowling attack. Since the card is an extra secret rare (XSR), it is highly sought after. It’s a tough pull, being so rare, but you have a chance if you open some My Hero Academia booster packs.

Nitro Explosion: Ignition (XSR)


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This was the first XSR card of the base set and holds a high value because of it. It’s possible to pick up an unlimited copy of this card in less than near mint condition for as little as $70, but the 1st edition is going to run you into the triple digits. 

Selkie (Top 8)



Here is another rare promo card. So far, tcgplayer only has a single listing, and it’s sitting right around $150 before shipping. This is another Top 8 card, like the Midnight at the top of this list. 

If you get the chance, be sure to pick this one up.

Zero Gravity Lift (Promo Season 1)



Zero Gravity Lift is number 5 of only 7 regional promos for season 1. These promo cards are limited and are sure to be a good investment as time goes on. 

Dropkick Slicer (XSR)



This card is the first secret rare of the Crimson Rampage set and therefore will be a great card to collect. It’s an interesting card, as you get a bonus -1 difficulty when below 10 health.

Electric Jolt (Promo Season 1)



Electric Joly features exceptional artwork in a full-art style design. Fitting for another of 7 promo cards. This card is holding steady at about $65, but will surely increase over time.

Specialist of Sound (Promo Season 1)



Another of 7 promos, this card is in a sort of ‘odd spot’ in the market. Its average sale price is about $65 but some listings have it at $100 for a near-mint copy. This could be a card to keep an eye on.

Excited For Blood (Promo)



Excited For Blood is number 7 of 7 promos for the Crimson Rampage set. Definitely pick this one up if you get the chance. It’s an especially useful card too, as it almost has a life-steal effect. The whole card revolves around a life/death dynamic and is super cool. 

Final Thoughts

My Hero Academia cards are hot, and only getting hotter. If you’re a player of the Universus card game then you know all about them, but if you’re new, then go pick up a booster pack or two and check them out. Some of these cards are already calling for high resale prices, and the value will only go up as the game becomes more popular. These could potentially be good cards to invest in.

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