The 10 Most Valuable Starlight Holos in YuGiOh!

The 10 Most Valuable Starlight Holos in YuGiOh!

Starlight Rares are some of the coolest cards in the entire YuGiOh! meta. They are flashy, powerful, and have some of the most creative designs in the TCG. First introduced in the Rising Rampage pack in 2019, Starlight Rares are known for the thin horizontal holographic film that covers almost the entirety of the card. This is the reason they are sometimes referred to as Starlight Holos. 

In this list, we delve deep into popular YuGiOh! expansion packs in order to find out the 10 Most Valuable Starlight Holos in YuGiOh! Read on to learn which cards offer the most monetary value in TCG today. 

Kurikara Divincarnate ($147)

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Kurikara DivincarnateStarlight

On paper, Kurikara has an incredibly powerful effect that lets it gain 1500 ATK for every attacking monster in the Opponent’s Monster Zone. These monsters need to be tributed in order to activate Kurikara’s effect. However, practically using this effect is a bit more complicated and might not work well in many scenarios.

Nonetheless, certain decks can benefit greatly from Kurikara provided they base their strategy around it. Besides this, Kurikara is a great collector’s item, and having it in your deck is definitely a flex. 

Exosisters Magnifica ($160)

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Exosisters MagnificaStarlight

Magnifica is arguably the strongest in the Exosisters Archetype that can only be summoned using two rank 4 Exosisters. She can attack twice in each battle phase, making her quite formidable. 

Her quick effect allows the player to detach one material from the card and banish one of the opponents’ cards. This can, in turn, ruin your opponent’s game strategy depending on the conditions.

Her abilities make her very effective against Graveyard heavy decks. Magnifica is often seen used alongside other exosisters in competitive play. The price tag on the card is justified due to its collection value. 

Illusion of Chaos ($173)

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illusion of chaos starlight

Released as part of the Battle of Chaos set, Illusion of Chaos is a powerful card with an impressive effect. Even though the card was underestimated by many upon release, it soon proved its worth in competitive matches. 

Illusion of Chaos is often seen alongside Magician’s Souls, which makes for a great pair and is quite formidable when played against. Moreover, the card is highly sought-after and collectors generally would pay good money to own it.

The Dark Magicians ($177)

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the dark magicians starlight

Released as part of the Battle of Chaos Booster Box, The Dark Magicians is basically a fusion between popular cards Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. Hence, there is no doubt about the card’s collector value. It’s one of a kind and likely won’t be coming out in more premium quality. No wonder it was one of the year’s top-selling cards. 

The value of the card is expected to grow in subsequent years when the card becomes rarer than it already is. A great collection piece overall. 

Destiny Hero – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer ($270)

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Destiny Hero Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer starlight

Destiny Hero has remained quite active in the YuGiOh! competitive scene lately as it is a strong card. It’s a very nice-looking card with a really flashy design, making it a good collector item. Even if the card’s competitive relevance declines in the future, it is still a HERA card and will remain to be sought-after for quite some time.

At its peak, the price of the card was hovering somewhere around $300 and might as well surpass that sometime in the future. Overall, the card has shown good competitive potential for now and is an impressive collectible as a starlight holo.

Ultimate Slayer ($300)

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Ultimate Slayer

One of the most hyped-up cards from Power of the Elements, Ultimate Slayer has a lot of potential in it. The card is considered a staple from the deck and has been used a lot in competitive formats. Upon release, Ultimate Slayer almost became an instant success with collectors paying handsome amounts to own the card.

Overall, there are certain deck builds that can use Ultimate Slayer to its full potential whereas others might not see it as the best. However, as a collector item, the card has a lot of value in it and will probably see an upward trend as time passes. 

Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy ($460)

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Dharc the Dark Charmer Gloomy starlight

Dharc is a card with a history of successful sales with its super rare version, however, its Starlight Holo is even more valuable and wanted by all hardcore YuGiOh! fans. Dharc the dark Charmer can be a part of almost any deck due to its versatility and resourcefulness. 

Easily one of the most played cards of the year, Dharc has a lot of potential for growth. The card will most likely remain relevant for years to come and its collection value is bound to go up.

Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion ($500)

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Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion starlight

A staple hand trap, by all means, Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion has been breaking the market with its demand. The price of the card has gone up by hundreds of dollars in recent months, was looming somewhere around $300 in July.  

In a surprising turn of events, the card even surpassed Dharc the Dark charmer, which was ahead in value by a good margin for quite some time. This only goes to show the deep-rooted love and affection that YuGiOh! players have for Starlight hand traps. 

Effect Veiler ($806)

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Effect Veiler starlight 1

Adding onto what we said about the fanbase’s love for Starlight hand traps, we go straight to one of the classics. Effect Veiler is one of those cards that made hand traps ubiquitous in the meta and is one the most popular cards from the category. 

Released with the Eternity Code 1st Edition Card Set, Effect Veiler has been ever-present in the TCG’s meta and is valued very highly as a premium collector’s item. The value of the card only seems to be increasing with almost no dips observed in its price. 

Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess ($1800)

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Apollousa Bow of the Goddess starlight

Released originally as part of the original Rising Rampage set, Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess is the most famous of all Starlight Rares. The card was known for its fantastic endboard that aided in many combo-oriented strategies. The card’s effects are very strong and it had been a staple in competitive play for a long time.

Without a shred of doubt, Apollousa tops the list of the greatest Straight Rares of all time. The affection that the fanbase shares with the card can be seen clearly through its price tag. Some 1st Edition mint condition versions of the card have even gone for way above the price we’ve mentioned. 


This is our list of The 10 Most Valuable Starlight Holos in YuGiOh! Many of these cards are on an upward trend with regard to price and are expected to grow substantially in value. If you’re planning to own one, keep up with the latest trends to make the best investment.