Should You Invest in the Detective Pikachu Set? (price guide)

Should You Invest in the Detective Pikachu Set? (price guide)

Detective Pikachu is a live-action Pokémon movie released in May 2019 and stars Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu. The movie was a hit with Pokémon fans of all ages and what better way to commemorate its success than by collecting the Detective Pikachu trading cards? These cards are available now and are sure to be collector’s items in the future!

The Detective Pikachu product lineup

Let’s take a look at all of the Detective Pikachu products available today, and analyze which ones will be worth the most in the future. If you want to take a look at the products and the promo cards included, you can always visit the official website

  • Detective Pikachu Collector Chest
  • Detective Pikachu Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Special Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Mewtwo-gx Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Charizard-gx Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Greninja-gx Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Charizard-gx Special Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Greninja-gx Special Case File
  • Detective Pikachu Blister Pack (7-11 Exclusive)
  • Detective Pikachu Mewtwo Tin
  • Detective Pikachu Charizard Tin
  • Detective Pikachu Café Figure Collection
Contents of the Detective Pikachu Case File

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Charizard cards will and already are the most expensive of the set. Mewtwo and Greninja are also going for a high price. These are all fan-favorite Pokémon, so any of the promos should go for a high price in the future.

The Detective Pikachu setlist

The set icon for Detective Pikachu

In addition to nine promo cards, there are only 18 cards available from the booster packs, for a total of 27 cards in the Detective Pikachu set.

  • 1/18 Bulbasaur
  • 2/18 Ludicolo
  • 3/18 Morelull
  • 4/18 Charmander
  • 5/18 Charizard
  • 6/18 Arcanine
  • 7/18 Psyduck
  • 8/18 Magikarp
  • 9/18 Greninja
  • 10/18 Detective Pikachu
  • 11/18 Mr. Mime
  • 12/18 Mewtwo
  • 13/18 Machamp
  • 14/18 Jigglypuff
  • 15/18 Snubbull
  • 16/18 Lickitung
  • 17/18 Ditto
  • 18/18 Slaking
  • SM170 Detective Pikachu
  • SM190 Detective Pikachu
  • SM194 Detective Pikachu
  • SM195 Charizard GX
  • SM196 Mewtwo GX
  • SM197 Greninja GX
  • SM198 Bulbasaur
  • SM199 Psyduck
  • SM200 Snubbull
Charmander 4/18

The most valuable cards* 

  • Charizard GX SM195 PSA 10- $130.00
  • Mewtwo GX SM196 PSA10- $125.00
  • Charizard 5/18 PSA 10- $120.00
  • Mewtwo 12/18 PSA10- $80.00
  • Greninjna GX SM197 PSA10- $79.00
  • Greninja 9/18 PSA10- $70.00
*Prices are based on recently sold eBay listings as of April 2022

Is it smart to invest in Detective Pikachu cards?

Yes, probably. 

Let’s get the downside out of the way first- this set has been heavily printed. The set was released in 2019 and can still be found in stores in mid-2022. This set was being sold on shelves right through the most popular time ever for the hobby. As a result of this, many were made and many were sold. High supply means low demand.

Now the positives. These cards stand out thanks to the unique artwork from the live-action film. The Charizard GX is already starting to trickle up in price, probably due to how different the artwork is from any other Charizard card. Also, the fact this set goes with a cinematic release will keep it relevant in the future. Many Pokémon TCG sets are forgotten after they go out of print, but this set will always be the Detective Pikachu set.

No caption needed for this little guy

People are attracted to weird and unique cards. This whole set is both of those things. In time, this set should climb up in value as people begin to remember the Detective Pikachu movie that they first saw when they were kids.

Final thoughts

Detective Pikachu was unique in the fact that it was the first-ever live-action Pokémon movie. It’s not uncommon for special cards to accompany the release of a new Poké-film, but Detective Pikachu is special. An entire set of cards is a big deal, and although they’ve been printed in large numbers, they should be valuable one day. Prices are low now, so go ahead and collect the set! After all, they are pretty cool cards.

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.