Pokémon Card Display Guide

Pokémon Card Storage Guide

If you’ve got some rare Pokémon cards, you might be thinking about displaying them. Some cards from 1999 are worth hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars now, so why not display them? You might want to display a full set of cards or a trio (Charizard, Venusaur, Blastoise), so what’s the best way to do it? We’ve taken the time to write up a full Pokémon card display guide that takes a deep dive into display units and methods of showing off your best cards. 

Pokémon card display ideas

  • Acrylic stands

These are small plastic stands that hold a single card. These are great if you want to display your cards on a desk, shelf, or even in a cabinet. These stands are available on eBay, Aliexpress, and Amazon. However, I found that the stands sold on Amazon are the best as they aren’t top-heavy when holding a card, even if it’s holding a graded slab.

A single acrylic stand

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  • Frames

Whether you have a single card you want to display, or perhaps a set of cards, frames are one of the most common and most satisfying methods. Many companies make frames specifically for trading cards, many of them Pokémon-themed. If you want to frame something like the original Charizard, Blastoise, and Venusaur, then there are special frames with three cut-outs that fit perfectly.

pokemon card display
Three booster packs inside an acrylic case inside a shadow-box frame

A quick Google search will bring up frames for graded cards as well. And once again, you can buy frames for entire sets, which is really cool.

  • Display cabinets

Some collectors like to purchase entire display cabinets and build a beautiful array of special or valuable cards on the shelves. This is one of the more high-end options as it will cost a lot for a nice display case and will take up real estate.

You have two options, a stand-up display or a wall-mounted one. Both are nice, both are high-end and both will keep your cards safe. What you need to consider is how the cards will be displayed and where in your room you want them to be. For a beautiful wooden high-end display cabinet, check this one out on Amazon.

A 20-card wall-mounted display
  • Acrylic cubes/containers

Acrylic is a high-strength transparent plastic. In the world of Pokémon cards, lots of products are acrylic, such as the slabs that graded cards are encased in.

Due to how easily acrylic is manufactured, you can order a perfectly-sized acrylic case for almost anything. You can display an individual card (like a slab), booster pack, booster box, blister pack, and more, by using acrylic cases.

  • Binders

We shouldn’t have to go into much detail on this one. We all know what a card binder is and most of us already have one (or many). But we encourage you to consider the option of actually purchasing a high-end card binder. These binders make your cards look beautiful, and display them in such a satisfying way that a fellow collector will weep over your collection.

A high-quality 12-pocket card binder

We have an article on the best card binders! 

Booster pack displays

Displaying booster packs can be fun, especially if they’re vintage packs. If you have matching booster packs with all of the artwork from that set, you’ll want to display them.

The most common way to display booster packs is to place them inside acrylic cases, held together by magnets.,  These cases are common among collectors and can be purchased in all sizes. The standard booster pack size is popular, but you can also get them big enough to hold a vintage blister pack.

A Base Set 2 booster pack inside an acrylic case

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There is also the option of grading your booster packs. Once the booster is in a slab, it can be stood up on a stand, framed in a shadowbox, or something similar. 

Final thoughts

Storing your Pokémon cards is easy. In fact, we wrote an entire Pokémon card storage guide. But we want to display them too sometimes, especially if we have a unique or sought-after set like the Shining Neo cards. Our advice is to not cheap out on display pieces. A high-quality frame or case will last a really long time, and keep your cards protected and looking pristine. The last thing you want is to come home one day and find a broken frame on the floor with potentially damaged cards (this happened to me!). Oh, and have fun because displaying your cards is really cool!

Author: Oliver CopelandOliver has been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time. He had a crush on Misty when he was 10.