How To Safely Buy Pokémon Cards From Amazon In 2023

How To Safely Buy Pokémon Cards From Amazon In 2023

When buying Pokémon cards on Amazon, it is important to take a few steps to ensure the authenticity and condition of the cards you are purchasing.

Is it Safe to Buy Pokémon Cards From Amazon? 

Amazon is a large online marketplace where individuals and businesses can sell products to customers. While Amazon does have measures in place to ensure the authenticity of products and protect against fraud, there are still scammers who operate on the platform. 

When buying Pokemon cards on Amazon, it’s important to do your research and only purchase from reputable sellers with high ratings and positive reviews. Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true, and make sure to read the product description carefully to ensure you’re getting what you expect. 

Additionally, Amazon also offers a buyer protection policy, which covers your purchase in case the item doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description. In general, buying Pokémon cards on Amazon can be safe, but it’s important to be cautious and do your due diligence to protect yourself from scams. 

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Amazon

Check the seller’s rating and reviews

Look for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews from verified customers. Be wary of sellers with very few reviews, or reviews that seem fake or overly positive.

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Research the product

Look for detailed product information and compare prices with other sellers to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Be suspicious of products with sketchy images or little information provided.

Avoid too-good-to-be-true offers

Be wary of prices that are significantly lower than other sellers for the same product. This could be a sign of a scam.

Watch out for fake Amazon emails

Scammers may send fake emails pretending to be from Amazon, so be sure to check the sender’s email address and be cautious of clicking on any links in the email.

Use a credit card

Credit card companies usually have a better fraud protection policy than debit cards.

Check the return policy

Be sure to read the return policy before making a purchase. Some scammers might not accept returns or refunds.

Use Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee

Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee covers you for purchases made on the platform, and you can file a claim if you receive an item that is not as described.

Be careful of third-party sellers

Be cautious when buying from third-party sellers, as they are not directly affiliated with Amazon and may not be held to the same standards.

By following these tips, you can protect yourself from scams and have a positive experience shopping on Amazon. 

Beware Fake Cards on Amazon 

When buying Pokémon cards on Amazon, it’s important to be aware of fake cards that are listed as “custom” or “reprint” and are not tournament legal or won’t increase in value. These cards are often produced by counterfeiters and are not officially licensed by The Pokemon Company. 

Some signs that a card may be fake include poor-quality printing, incorrect card text, or a different card back than what is normally used for that set. It is also important to be aware that some sellers may use stock images of the real cards, but in reality, the card you will receive is a fake one. 

It’s important to only purchase cards from reputable sellers, especially if you are looking to buy cards as an investment or for tournament play. Check the seller’s ratings, and reviews and try to find official dealers of Pokémon cards online who are authorized by the company.

Amazon Fake Cards

Additionally, if you suspect that a card you’ve received is fake, you can contact Amazon’s customer service and they will investigate the issue. 

It is always best to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions before buying Pokemon cards on Amazon, or any other online platform, to make sure you are getting the real deal.

How To Tell If Pokémon Cards Are Fake On Amazon 

There are several signs that can indicate a Pokemon card is fake when buying on Amazon:

Incorrect packaging: Official Pokemon cards are packaged in specific ways and usually have a holographic stamp on the packaging, if the packaging seems off or does not match what you would expect for that specific set, it might be a fake card. 

Incorrect product details: Check the card’s name, set, and other details to make sure they match the official product. Be wary of cards with spelling errors or other inconsistencies. 

Poor quality printing: Fake cards often have poor quality printing, with blurry or smudged images, or do not match the official card’s color scheme. 

Different card back: Official Pokemon cards have a specific card back design, if the card back is different or has an altered design, it is probably a fake card. 

Unusual prices: Be suspicious of cards that are priced significantly lower than other sellers for the same product, this might indicate that the card is fake. 

Checking the holographic pattern on the card: Many fake cards lack the holographic stamp or have a different pattern than the official one. 

Safe Sites To Buy Pokémon Cards 

eBay: As we all know eBay is a well-known online marketplace where you can find a wide variety of Pokemon cards. Be sure to check the seller’s rating and reviews before making a purchase and be cautious of too-good-to-be-true deals. 

TCGPlayer: TCGPlayer is a website that specializes in trading card games, including Pokemon. They have a wide variety of cards available from different sets and also have a marketplace where you can buy and sell cards with other collectors. 

Pokecenter: Pokecenter is an official Pokemon merchandise store that sells a wide variety of Pokemon products, including cards. They have a wide selection of cards from different sets and they are an official dealer of Pokemon cards. 

Card Kingdom: Card Kingdom is an online store that specializes in Magic the Gathering, but they also sell Pokemon cards. They have a wide selection of cards, including hard-to-find and out-of-print cards, and they are known for their customer service. 

Troll and Toad: Troll and Toad is an online store that specializes in trading card games and other collectibles. They have a wide variety of Pokemon cards available, including older and rare cards, and they have a good reputation for customer service and fast shipping. 

Your Local Game Store: Many local game stores sell Pokemon cards and have a good selection of cards, including older and rare cards. You can also find a tournament-legal card and also get a chance to play with other players. 

These are just a few examples of safe sites where you can buy Pokemon cards. Be sure to check the seller’s rating and reviews before making a purchase, and be cautious of too-good-to-be-true deals. 

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that a merchant on Amazon is trying to scam and sell fake cards. Hopefully, this article will serve as a guide to spotting scammers and diminish the fear of possibly buying a fake card. Remember to do your due diligence when it comes to certain cards and buyers and you will be just fine navigating the web in search of your next Pokémon purchase!

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