9 Best Magic: The Gathering Cards you can Afford (under $20)

9 Best Magic: The Gathering Cards you can Afford (under $20)

Magic: The Gathering is now up to more than 10,000 unique cards. If you’re looking for your first deck or want to upgrade one you have, there are plenty of cards on the market for every budget level. To help you get started, we’ve identified 9 of the best Magic: The Gathering cards that you can afford for under $20.

Magic: The Gathering Cards (Under $20)

1. Goblin Guide ($3-4)

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

This card is amazing for its price. It may not look like much at first glance, but getting a creature on the battlefield that can attack on the very first turn is very powerful. Winning a game of Magic: The Gathering is going to involve reducing your opponent’s life to 0 most of the time. Goblin Guide is a great way to get that clock ticking.

2. Lightning Bolt ($0.25)

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

This card is a must-have for any red deck. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used to deal damage to both creatures and players. Printed among the first Magic: The Gathering cards Lightning bolt has long been an iconic and powerful card. You’ll never be sorry to draw it!

3. Sol Ring ($1.25)

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

If you are a Commander player, then this is a card you’ll want to have and probably have more than one of. One of the most efficient mana-producing artifacts in the games, Sol Ring only maintains a low price thanks to constant reprints in basically every Commander product, which just goes to show how in demand this card really is!

4. Path to Exile ($1.25)

Image 12
Image: Wizards of the Coast

One of the most efficient creature-removal spells ever printed is Path to Exile. This card has seen play across many Magic: The Gathering formats. Only needing one mana to deal with your opponent’s most problematic creature is hard to argue against. Even at its most expensive, this card would still make this list. It’s currently the cheapest it’s ever been!

5. Tarmogoyf ($14)

Image 13
Image: Wizards of the Coast

This card is perfect for any green deck. It’s a massive creature that gets bigger as more creatures die, making it a force to be reckoned with. It should also be noted that for most of its existence, this card was a lot more expensive than $20, so now is a great time to pick one up!

6. Shock Lands (Watery Grave, Hallowed Fountain, etc.) ($8-15)

Image 14
Image: Wizards of the Coast

These lands have been commonplace in every Magic: The Gathering format since they were first printed in Ravnica: City of Guilds. It may not seem necessary to spend much money on a land, but the ability to have a land that can come into play untapped can tap for two different colors of mana. Having multiple basic land types is something that can make your deck play much more smoothly. These are also good investments as they are always in demand and tend to stay pretty stable, price-wise.

7. Toxic Deluge ($15)

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

Recently reprinted with a new, lower price, Toxic Deluge is a premium board wipe effect. You do have to pay life as part of the cost but the ability to get rid of all your opponent’s creatures for 3 mana shouldn’t be overlooked. A niche benefit of this card is that it can also get rid of creatures that are indestructible. Definitely give it a chance in your next deck.

8. Oracle of Mul Daya ($8)

Image 16
Image: Wizards of the Coast

Nothing feels worse than drawing lands late in a game of Magic: The Gathering when you need to draw something to finish your opponent off or deal with their most threatening creature. Oracle of Mul Daya can help by letting you play lands off the top of your library as well as letting you play multiple lands a turn in order to outpace your opponent. Sure, playing with the top card of your library revealed tells your opponent what cards you have, but don’t let that scare you away from playing this powerful card.

9. Mystic Remora ($9)

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Image: Wizards of the Coast

A card often compared to its much more expensive counterpart, Rhystic Study, Mystic Remora is an odd little card. Mystic Remora allows you to draw cards whenever your opponent(s) cast spells. They can cancel this effect by paying an additional 4 mana whenever they cast a spell, which they won’t do almost every time. What that means is that you will likely draw several cards before you have to or decide to sacrifice Mystic Remora to its Cumulative Upkeep cost. The advantage of having access to more cards than your opponent can’t be overstated and Mystic Remora will make sure you do. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Magic: The Gathering, there are a lot of cards that are affordable and cheap. Finding the balance between a good value and a card that can help you win a game is no easy feat. These cards can often be the happy medium between playing powerful cards and not wanting to spend too much money. There are many more examples of powerful Magic: The Gathering cards that won’t break the bank, but these cards will almost always be worth including in your deck.

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