8 Most Expensive YuGiOh! Cards of 2022

8 Most Expensive YuGiOh! Cards of 2022

2022 has been a great year for YuGiOh! TCG with a ton of great cards being released. From Holiday Booster packs to Mega Tins like Tin of The Pharaoh’s Gods, the year has been rife with newer, more versatile cards as well as reprints of older classics. Fans all over the world have eagerly been following the updates, head over heels in excitement.

In this list, we aim to go through some of the best of the best, most expensive YuGiOh! cards released so far in 2022. These cards are highly sought-after by collectors YuGiOh! veterans alike, and have maintained a firm grasp over the TCG’s market. 

Rite of Aramesir – Collector’s Rare($99)

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Rite of Aramesir

Arguably the most expensive card in The Grand Creators, a set that is filled to the brim with some very high-end Collector’s Rare cards. Right of Aramesir goes toe to toe with Water Enchantress as the most valuable card in the deck, the value of these too regularly fluctuates up and down depending upon what’s more popular. 

The highly collectible spell card will enable the player to special summon an Adventurer Token while putting a Fateful Adventure card in the Spell and Trap Zone. Overall, an effective card with regard to competitive play as well as a reliable monetary investment. 

The Dark Magicians – Starlight Rare($169)

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The Dark Magicians

The Dark Magicians is a newer card that was introduced in place of a reprint in the Battle of Chaos set. Nonetheless, the card received an excellent response from collectors and YuGiOh! veterans alike. 

The card basically combines Dark Magician and the acclaimed Dark Magician Girl to form a sort of fusion spellcaster monster, the sheer character value has put the card on the list of this year’s best-sellers. 

A higher rarity for the card is never expected to release, making it a collector’s favorite. Although not too big competitively, the card still has a lot of investment potential.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon – Ghost Rare ($170)

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Blue Eyes White DragonGhost

Released as part of the hyper-successful Ghosts From the Past: The 2nd Haunting, the Ghost rare version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon was an instant hit with collectors all over the world. The legendary ‘invincible’ dragon has dethroned its previous Blue-Eyes White Dragon- Gold Ghost Rare with a price difference of about $50. 

As time goes by, the price of the card is expected to increase which makes it an excellent investment option for collectors. Nonetheless, the flex value you get by just having an iconic card like this in your deck justifies the price. 

Illusion of Chaos – Starlight Rare ($173)

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Illusion of Chaos

Initially, the demand for Illusion of Chaos was not as high as you would expect it to be. However, as the Battle of Chaos set started to make its way into competitive play, players noticed the value that this card brought with it. 

Especially, when paired with Magicians’ Souls, the card wreaked havoc on the opposition and that’s when demand for the card started to skyrocket.

The price, in turn, also saw an increase, and hence, here we are. Overall, Illusion of Chaos is undoubtedly one of the more competitively charged cards of the year. 

Therion “King” Regulus – Starlight Rare ($180)

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Therion King Regulus

One of the most competitive cards released this year, the Starlight version of King Regulus was introduced as part of the Dimension Force set. The card is also the most expensive secret rare released this year. At one point, due to its rarity, the price jumped well over $200 but after the TCG Championship, prices have settled down a bit. 

King Regulus is a highly useful card and is most likely to remain relevant in many future events to come. Competitively, the card has garnered a lot of respect and praise. 

Dark Magician Girl – Ghost Rare ($214)

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Dark Magician GirlGhost

One of the most hyped cards of the year, Dark Magician Girl is a formidable Ghost Rare that wreaked havoc on the market as well as competitive play. Being the fourth most expensive Ghost Rare overall, Dark Magician Girl is on its way to becoming a collector’s favorite. 

Recently news came in that someone auctioned a PSA 10 copy of the card for around $3,000, which is astounding. We’d say there’s a lot to milk from a copy if you have one, so you should probably sit on it for a while.

Dharc the Dark Charmer, Gloomy – Starlight Rare($460)

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Dharc the Dark Charmer Gloomy

Dharc the Dark Charmer is an incredibly versatile card, fitting into a variety of decks and arrangements. So, it does not surprise us in the least that it has been reported to be one of the most played cards of the year. It’s safe to say that Dharc holds a very special place in competitive tournaments.

You can literally special summon one of your opponent’s Dark monsters from the Graveyard, and use one of your own if it gets destroyed. All in all, Dharc is a highly impressive card with the ability to stay universally relevant, justifying the price tag put on it. 

Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion- Starlight Rare($500)

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Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion

Hand traps play an important role in the YuGiOh! TCG, and become even more relevant when they are Starlight Rare. Ghost Belle and Haunted Mansion is a card that wasn’t used a lot in competitive play until about two years ago when a lot of excellent matchups started popping out. 

The Starlight Rare version of the card released in 2022 as part of Dimension Force is by far the most expensive card released this year. 

In recent months, its price has soared, increasing by more than $100 in a few months. As recently as July, the card was going for around $370 and yet, the value of the card is only expected to grow as there aren’t many of these left. 


This sums up our list of the 8 Most Expensive YuGiOh! Cards of 2022. Many of these are projected to grow in value and have a great return on investment if you’re looking to collect, otherwise, their effectiveness in competitive play is not something to be taken lightly.