7 Blastoise Cards To Invest In 2023

7 Blastoise Cards To Invest In 2023

Speculating the market can sometimes be difficult for Pokémon card collectors. It takes an expert to analyze recent sales and identify trends over time. We’ve gone over the data on a handful of Blastoise cards and were able to identify some that are likely to be profitable over time, based on similar card trends. 

Blastoise is one of the most famous Pokémon, and many would argue the coolest of Gen 1. The Base Set Blastoise from 1999 has since exploded in value, so the kids who kept theirs are now reaping the rewards. But which Blastoise will be next to increase in value

7. Blastoise 004/165


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blastoise expedition

Expansion: Expedition

Release Date: September 2002

This Blastoise has one of the most unique artworks on this list. It’s unusual to see Blastoise outside of its regular pose and to have it swimming is unique too.

It is highly sought after by collectors due to its high rarity. It’s also a powerful card in the game, which makes it even more desirable for competitive players. Additionally, it has a great design that makes it stand out from other cards from its era.

6. Topsun Blastoise


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Topsun Blastoise

Expansion: Topsun Blue backs

Release Date: March 1997

Topsun cards are special because there aren’t many of them left. Distributed in Japan only, and very briefly, Topsun cards are a good investment because they fly under the radar of most collectors.

(Full guide to Topsun cards)

The Topsun Charizard has already begun to skyrocket in price, and the Blastoise is almost sure to follow. You can still pick these up for relatively cheap, even graded copies. 

However, if you’re looking for something a little more flashy, there is a holo version.

5. Topsun Blastoise Holo


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Topsun Blastoise Holo

Expansion: Topsun Green backs

Release Date: March 1997

The Topsun holo cards are a fantastic little niche within the hobby. These cards are extremely rare but so cool. There are three different variations of this holo: checkered, block, and cracked ice (as seen above).

These cards are a little pricey, but still affordable for the die-hard Blastoise fan. Since they have such an antique-like aesthetic to them, they will probably shoot up in price at some point.

4. Carddass Blastoise


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Carddass Blastoise

Expansion: Carddass Part 3 & 4

Release Date: 1997

The best part about the Cardass cards of 1996 and & 1997 is the exclusive Ken Sugimori artwork that just hits differently. His artwork has been incredibly influential and his designs have been used in various forms of media. His work has inspired generations of fans and will continue to do so for many years to come.

For these reasons, this Blastoise Carddass card is an influential piece of Pokémon history. The reason this card made the list is because of its potential profitable value

3. Blastoise ex 104/112


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Blastoise ex 2004

Expansion: EX FireRed & LeafGreen

Release Date: August 2004

Pokemon EX cards are exciting because they are rare and feature powerful versions of fanfavorite Pokemon just like Blastoise. They are often more powerful than regular cards and many feature artwork that is exclusive to the EX set. They also have a silver holofoil border that makes them stand out from other cards.

For Blastoise collectors, this card is a great way to add a unique item to your collections. All EX cards have been increasing in price lately, and this is your chance at the Blastoise ex.

2. Blastoise 036/165 (For Position Only)


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FPO Blastoise

Expansion: Expedition

Release Date: September 2002

If you‘re looking for an extremely rare Pokemon card, then I‘d suggest the “For Position Only” Blastoise. The FPO cards come from special Expedition booster packs, which are also extremly rare and valuable. 

Obviously these cards were never supposed to leave the factory, but well, they have. 

I could write about the FPO cards forever, but now isn’t the time or place. What I can say though, is that the FPO Blastoise is a very good card to invest your money in. Yes, it is expensive, but it will increase in value. By purchasing one of these you not only garantee a profitable resell, but you get the chance to own a very special card that most collectors will never even see with their own eyes.

1. 1st Edition Blastoise 002/102


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1st ed blastoise

Expansion: Base Set (Shadowless)

Release Date: January 1999

What can I say? This is it, the 1st edition Blastoise from 1999. The 1st edition Base Set cards are obviously incredibly valuable and one of the biggest, most sought-after collectors pieces in the history of the TCG. 

The average price for a PSA 10 copy of this card is hovering around the $50,000 mark, but you can pick up a raw copy (in heavily played condition) for as little as a few hundred bucks. 

The biggest oppurtunity here would be to grade a raw copy, and sell it for profit. Grading a card of this caliber can double, triple, or sometimes quadruple the value of the card. Unless its garded a 10, then the value is just going to explode off the graph!


Well, those are our picks for the best Blastoise cards to invest in this year. They are all old cards (surprise!), but that’s because we like to make safe bets around here.  If you liked this article, check out our 7 Best Charizards to Invest In!